Lab Kit for Switched-On Schoolhouse & Monarch Science, Grade 9

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his kit for Switched-on Schoolhouse Science Grade 9 Integrated Physics & Chemistry will save you time gathering up lab materials! It includes 35 items you need in one convenient pack, including a ring stand, alcohol lamp, test tubes, and more. Also for use with Monarch Science 9. You save 10%!

A balance is required for this course; we recommend a digital balance

Note: This kit does not coordinate with editions prior to 2009.

This kit includes the following items:

  • Alcohol lamp, wickless (buy ethyl alcohol fuel separately)
  • Balloon set
  • Beaker, glass, 250 ml
  • Spring scale, 100g/1N
  • Calcium chloride
  • Clamp, burette
  • Clamp, thermometer
  • Compass
  • Cup, clear plastic, 9 oz, 3/pk
  • Filter paper
  • Funnel
  • Graduated cylinder, polystyrene, 100 ml
  • Hydrochloric acid, 30 ml
  • Iron metal filings
  • Magnesium ribbon, 60 cm
  • Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts), 100 g
  • Mirror, glass, flat, 4"x 4"
  • pH papers
  • Pipet, disposable, 10/pk
  • Protractor, 6" semi-circle
  • Ring magnet
  • Ring stand
  • Ring support
  • Rubber stopper, #0, 1-hole
  • Sandpaper
  • Scalpel
  • Straw set, 15 pieces
  • String, heavy cord, 25 ft
  • Styrofoam cups, 5/pk
  • Styrofoam tray
  • Test tubes, large, 4
  • Thermometer, Celsius, 12"
  • Tube, glass, 5mm
  • Tuning fork, C, 256 cps
  • Wire gauze
  • Wood block

While our kits conveniently contain most of the items you'll need to complete the labs, they do not include some common household items or more expensive items like microscopes and live cultures. Please see the kit order form for items you might wish to order separately.

Shipping Restriction: This item only ships Economy or UPS to a street address in the 50 US states.

WARNING: HAZARDOUS CHEMICAL - This kit contains hazardous chemicals. Not for children under the age of 15. For use under adult supervision. Read warning labels carefully.