The Excelsior Music Reader and Chorus Book for Village and Rural Schools (1912)

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This vintage Music Education book from 1912 holds timeless truths in music. 

CONDITION: ACCEPTABLE - Boards are rubbed and bumped. Binding is getting loose in the front, but still intact. Pages are clean, except for a few pencil markings. There is a name inscription on inside cover. Good read. Satisfaction guaranteed.

In the first part of the "Excelsior Music Reader" the rudiments of music are presented in a clear, concise and progressive manner. Each subject is fully illustrated with the characters and signs used in music notation, and each should be thoroughly learned, that when all are used together, the subject matter will be perfectly familiar to the learner.

In the second part, the keys are presented in the usual way, beginning with the Key C, with exercises and songs for music reading, and with words of explanation and illustration to assist the pupils in understanding the subject.

In the third part three, there are miscellaneous songs in two-part and three-part harmony.