Jumbo Rainbow Eye Dropper, 6-Pack

Pint-Size Scholars

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One of the easiest, and most fun ways to learn basic scientific concepts is here! Introducing Jumbo Rainbow Eyedroppers from Pint Size Scholars. This set includes 6 vivid and colorful eye droppers that are perfect for early learning and fostering interest in scientific discovery. Show your child how water ripples when you drip smaller drops into a glass of water, or how water conservation works by dripping the same amount of liquid into a taller or shorter container. They're also great for getting a little help in the kitchen! Let your child use the droppers to help with food decoration, candy making, and more!

Why You'll Love It

Bulbs are made from high quality silicone and are even detachable. You can easily take the bulb off for cleaning, and snap it back on to keep on playing. Shafts are made from safe plastics