Rainbow Tweezers, 6-Pack

Pint-Size Scholars

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As a parent, you want to do anything you can to give your child the tools to give them a leg up in their development. With Rainbow Tweezers from Pint Size Scholars, you can create plenty of exercises that provide multiple benefits to toddlers and preschool children. You can use the tweezers to conduct lessons in counting, sorting, color recognition, hand-eye coordination and other Mathematics skills that are crucial to give your child a jumpstart on their learning experience! The larger size of the Tweezers are great for helping develop fine motor skills as well, the edges on the sides are easily gripped by small hands. They can also help strengthen grip to prepare for skills like writing. You'll be amazed how useful these kinds of toys can be for a growing child!

Why You'll Love It

Rainbow Tweezers from Pint Size Scholars are made from sturdy, durable plastic that stands up to rough-housing. Dimpled grip is specially made for little hands to grasp.