Lifepac 5th Grade Science Experiments DVD


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View demonstrations of experiments for Alpha Omega Publications LIFEPAC 5th Grade Science. This DVD supplements the LIFEPAC 5th Grade Science curriculum that covers topics such as flower pollen, fossils, bread molds, and more. There are a total of 16 LIFEPAC experiments and science projects in this Alpha Omega curriculum resource. (Running Time: 35 minutes)

Does your child enjoy science and love learning science experiments? If so, don't miss this DVD when ordering LIFEPAC 5th Grade Science. Here's a way to do science experiments without the expense of buying hard-to-find chemicals and lab equipment. In this Alpha Omega curriculum resource, Stanley the Scientist takes your student step-by-step through 16 LIFEPAC experiments and science projects. This "must see" DVD covers such concepts as flowers, pollen, fossils, bread molds, and much more. LIFEPAC Science is a comprehensive, basic curriculum intended for the study of the physical universe that God created. The homeschool program targets observation skills by delivering assignments and experiments through the structured and organized framework of the LIFEPAC curriculum. This educational science DVD is an ideal, non-messy way to teaching your 5th grader about scientific experiments. They will be delighted by the things they see, and this DVD is a wonderful complement to LIFEPAC 5th Grade Science. So don't delay, order 5th Grade Science Experiments on DVD from Alpha Omega Publications today!